Tile Laying Adhesive

dry mix mortar

MagicBond Tile Adhesive is a polymer modified grey / white cement based adhesive for fixing all types of tiles on floor/walls. It is suitable for both internal & external applications. It provides excellent water proofing properties and resists cracking of tiles.

   Application Areas Tile Adhesive - 120 Standard Tile Adhesive - 121 Elite Tile Adhesive - 122 White
   Internal Walls Yes Yes Yes
   External Walls Yes Yes Yes
   Flooring Yes Yes Yes
   Ceramic Tiles Yes Yes Yes
   Vitrified Tiles Yes Yes Yes
   Cladding / Walls - Yes Yes
   Stones - Yes Yes
   Glass Mosaic - Yes Yes
   Marble - - Yes
   Granite - - Yes
Tile adhesive
Magic tile logo Features
Feature icon1
High Bond Strength

Proprietary technology and the polymeric additives and binders to ensure high bond strength

Feature icon3
High Thermal Insulation

Thin joints prevents heat transfer through walls

Feature icon9
Zero Wastage

It is easy to apply and avoids wastage of material

Feature icon10
No Shrinkage Cracks

Water is retained in mortar which prevents Shrinkage Cracks

Feature icon7
Economical & Time Saving

Reduced construction timeline also reduces the direct cost of labor along with overhead costs

Feature icon8

No jobsite blending of powder is required. Only water is to be added

Technical Specifications
Appearance Grey Powder Grey Powder White Powder
Pot Life 60 mins 60 mins 30 mins
Open Time 15 - 20 min 15 - 20 min 15 - 20 min
Setting Time 24 hours 24 hours 24 hours
Tensile Adhesive Strength 0.75 N/mm² - -
Shear Adhesion Strength 8 KN 10 KN 10 KN
Coverage 55 - 60 sqft / 30 kg bag
(for 3mm thickness)
55 - 60 sqft /30 kg bag
(for 3mm thickness)
30-45 sqft / 30 kg bag
(for 3mm thickness)
For Wall Use thin bed trowel (3 mm) Use thin bed trowel (3 mm) Use thin bed trowel (3 mm)
For Floor Use thin bed trowel (6 mm) Use thin bed trowel (6 mm) Use thin bed trowel (6 mm)
Shelf Life 6 months 6 months 6 months
*Specifications may vary, due to continuous product development